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 “Gardenia Palace” is a unique luxury building with a fabulous garden, offering amenities and a peaceful living environment by the sea and the Pomorie salt lake. The apartment complex is distinguished by its impressive architecture and location – on a unique natural isthmus separating Lake Pomorie from the Black Sea, in the northern part of the Pomorie Peninsula and in close proximity to the 5-star Grand Hotel Pomorie – Medical SPA

one bedroom apartment with
one balcony
1 bedroom

1 balcony

85,18 – 125,92 sq.m.

sea view

Prices from €128 230 to 151 990

one bedroom apartment with
two balconies
1 bedroom

2 balconies

109,87 – 130,63 sq.m.

sea and lake view

Prices from €141 900 to 167 240
two bedroom apartment with
two balconies
2 bedrooms

2 balconies

119,61 – 173,19 sq.m.

sea and lake view

Prices from €170 090 to 209 050
three bedroom apartment with
two balconies
3 bedrooms

2 balconies

149,11 – 204,87 sq.m.

Гsea and lake view

Prices from €192 580 to 270 840

 Built of high-quality materials, “Gardenia Palace” brings together original architectural solutions in a clean line, internal volumes and spaces, creating the feeling of freedom and spaciousness, which merge with the infinity of the sea’s blue horizon. The unique location of the building allows apartment owners to enjoy beautiful sea sunrises and romantic sunsets over the lake.

Gardenia Beach Palace

There are three apartments on each floor in each building entrance, and on the last floor of the building, there are two apartments per floor in each building entrance. The heating and cooling of each apartment is carried out with an individual “Gree” multisplit system, including one outdoor unit and indoor units for each room. Each apartment has an access to a chimney system and the possibility to install a fireplace or other type of heating element.

Гардения Бийч Палас Поморие – плажовете и езерото
Гардения Бийч Палас Поморие – централен вход

The railings on the balconies of the apartments are made of wrought iron, as are the railings on the stairs. The entrance and interior doors of the apartments are luxuriously made of high-quality natural material and were specially created by a Bulgarian manufacturer on an individual order of the investor of “Gardenia Palace”. The flooring of the stairs between the floors of the building is made of Egyptian marble. Each building has an elevator – Bulgarian high-quality production “IZAMET” with luxury cabins “Natural” – wood and gold. Each apartment has a separate lot in the electricity network. The joinery of the apartments is of highest class, being energy efficient with a special texture finish in dark gray “Sable”. An interesting fact is that this stone was used in the construction of some of the most ancient emblematic buildings in the world: the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Piazza Navona in Rome.

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    Distribution of the apartments

    The 97 apartments (one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom) for sale directly from the investor are spacious, with high ceilings, east exposure – sea view and southwest exposure – lake view, and with a square footage of 85.18 sq.m. up to 307.78 sq.m. The new owners of the apartments have the opportunity to live in the building year-round.

    The apartments for sale in “Gardenia Palace” are located in а building with 9 entrances

    Entrance „1“ – 14 apartments
    Entrance „2“ – 13 apartments
    Entrance „3“ – 10 apartments

    Entrance „4“ – 11 apartments
    Entrance „5“ – 4 apartments
    Entrance „6“ – 11 apartments

    Entrance „7“ – 8 apartments
    Entrance „8“ – 14 apartments
    Entrance „9“ – 12 apartments

    The apartments in entrances 7, 8 and 9 are sold unfurnished and semi-finished.

    Price list

    The furnished apartments are operated during the summer seasons as a part of an aparthotel accommodation for those wishing to immerse themselves in the fabulous and luxurious atmosphere of “Gardenia Palace” blessed with an unique location between the shores of the Black sea and Pomorie Salt Lake. The fully furnished apartments for sale by the Investor are part of the total number of 97 apartments awaiting their new owners. To see the prices please download the price list below.

    Note: The price of the apartments for sale does not include the furniture, which can be purchased separately. Gardenia Palace offers an opportunity for an additional purchase of an underground parking spot.
    Maintenance fee: 10€/sq.m. living area with common areas included. Maintenance includes maintenance of staircases, outdoor pools and the garden.


    59 apartments (19 one-bedroom apartments; 39 two-bedroom apartments and 1 three-bedroom apartment) are comfortably and stylishly furnished, each apartment has a kitchenette, high-quality laminate flooring and luxurious bathrooms, with counter tops and sinks created by Italian stone – Travertine.


    The luxury building features also a wonderful garden with a large square footage of green areas and local species of trees and plants. It is a perfect place to indulge in tranquility and full enjoyment of the afternoon sun, surrounded by greenery and the sounds of birds circling over the lake.

    The Beach

    At apartment owners’ disposal is a public beach with a picturesque sea view, fine sand, shallow bottom and crystal clear water.

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